We appreciate ALL of our loyal customers who have visited us over the last 30+ years.
UNFORTUNATELY, country western music and large indoor dancehalls are becoming extinct due to cultural shifts and NOW Coronavirus.
Large indoor bars are facing hard times because of the massive expenses that go along with them. Higher rents, insurance mandates and much higher taxes have reduced the ability to run a profitable business. Indoor bars exclusively have been unfairly blamed for the inevitable spread of the virus which has affected our industry since March of this year.


The Operator’s of Wild West have the knowledge, desire and experience to design, build and operate an adult beverage business BUT NOW, after over 6 months of mandated closures, we no longer have the financial ability to rebuild using an unwelcome venue format.
WE NEED your HELP! We are hoping to open what we believe will be a sustainable business in the economic/social climate that exists right now.
We are looking for “raw land”, or otherwise semi-rural property with at least a few acres which will provide enough space for a trending indoor/outdoor venue with the ability to host outdoor bands. We know the real estate market will be hit hard from the effects of the pandemic and a “glut” of empty spaces may be difficult to fill. We also believe this may temporarily paralyze commercial growth for years to come.
With this being said, We are looking for Partnerships that will allow us to relocate and change the style of our venue to accommodate a large casual outdoor space with space for parking and a smaller indoor footprint. We believe that the future of profitable adult beverage business is going to be driven largely outdoors with a more casual atmosphere and more open format. If YOU or someone you know has interest in forming a partnership with the operators of Wild West who have successfully managed nightclub/bar businesses for over 3 decades please contact us here